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1. Papers devoted to the Christian teachings – general framework, within which my mind works and the systems logic was created

The Ten Commandments

The Law of God

The Absolute


The Christian Theology

The Works_of_God

The Discernment

The Mind

Ancient Wisdom

2. Theology, philosophy, heathenism, general matters

Heathen Philosophy&Western Civilization


Renunciation of Apostasy

Reprints from “The Invincible Empire”: Chapter 8

Ancient Civilizations : Legacy Overview

Vineyard and Its Lessons


Philo of Alexandria

Works of Augustine of Hippo

Doctrine of Thomas Aquinas

Metapsychology” and other Ideas of Sigmund Freud – Critical Analysis

3. Papers concerning systems logic and its applications

Introduction to the Systems Logic

Current Methods of Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense and Systems Logic – Selected Blog Posts

Comments_@_The Net

4. Collections of the Current Posts @ The Net for 2008-2019


Selections_&_Reprints is a basic file, which contains definitions of terms, explication of theological doctrines and concepts, and bibliographical references of books, articles, and other sources mentioned in Current Posts and other papers, as well as the entire Archive of Current Posts for 2008-2019

to be continued…