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Και ειδεν ο Θεος τα παντα, οσα εποιησε, και ιδου καλα λιαν


And God saw all that He had made, and, behold, all beautiful perfectly

{Genesis 1:31}

Και συνετελεσθησαν ο ουρανος και η γη, και πας ο κοσμος αυτων


And the heavens and the earth were jointly completed, and this entire world

{Genesis 2:1}




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Apologies for inconvenience.

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This website is a part of The Net.

Website unfolds the world that I see and like; it offers small galleries of my pictures (sea, sunsets, flowers, some places – whatever had attracted my attention) updated monthly.

I took the pictures in different places and in different times, mostly with the Fujifilm cameras (S series, easy to use by non–professionals) – that are my favorite: they have the unique sensors, which capture and convey appearances of the world in abundant splendor of the natural colors.


The Net:


1. Christian’s Mind & the World by Alice Alexandra–Sofiahttp://alicealexandrasofia.com

the website is intended to illustrate unbreakable wholeness of theology with daily life, research, business, society, etc.

Small sets of pictures (updated bi-weekly or monthly) are not connected with the contents of the posts;
they are just either reminiscence or a vein for a moment

2. Sunday’s Thoughts 2018 by Alice Alexandra–Sofiahttp://alicealexandrasofia.us

the website offers Current Posts (weekly) and Archives

it continues work started with the original website Sunday’s Thoughts,

which now serves as Archive for 2008–2016

3. Sunday’s Thoughts by Alice Alexandra–Sofia –  http://alicealexandrasofia.net

the original website, which now offers Archives (or database – kind of) for 2008–2016 with my works concerning

the Christian teachings, Christian philosophy, the heathenism, heathen philosophy, political theology, ecumenism.

The entire Archive of my Posts @ the Web for 2006–2016 is reprinted in thematic works, collections of files and

as reprints/excerpts in Notes to the files, which are offered for download @ Library Pages of my websites

4. A Quiet World of Alice Alexandra–Sofia – http://alicealexandrasofia.info



Although my texts and pictures published at my websites are my intellectual property (©), they are free for non–commercial use: all Guests and Readers may copy, print, store, reproduce, transmit, translate, and share them by any means.



Alice Alexandra–Sofia Savitsky

January 12, 2018

My name is Alice Alexandra–Sofia Savitsky, in short – Alice or Alice–Sofia.

My Company Systems Research & Development is located in Massachusetts, the U.S.


Email: alice_sofia@fastmail.fm

Twitter: @Alice_Sofia_

Website updated January 12, 2018