A Quiet World
of Alice Alexandra–Sofia

Και ειδεν ο Θεος τα παντα, οσα εποιησε, και ιδου καλα λιαν

And God saw all that He had made, and, behold, all beautiful perfectly

{Genesis 1:31}

Και συνετελεσθησαν ο ουρανος και η γη, και πας ο κοσμος αυτων

And the heavens and the earth were jointly completed, and this entire world

{Genesis 2:1}



Χριστος Ανεστη! Christ is Risen! Христос Воскрес!


To Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Blessed Easter!


Καλο Πασχα!

С Благословенной Пасхой!